Online education

Adapt or die: How the coronavirus is forcing online education to evolve

Education is currently at a crossroads, where the choice is between clinging to old practices and theories or redefining learning in the age of COVID-19. The pandemic better known as the coronavirus has forced schools around the world to close, causing a chaotic scramble to move online and find a way to somehow complete semesters. […]

Online banking

Brands must focus on mobile to dominate online banking (chart) / World of digital information

It is obvious, without any fact checking, that the banking industry has seen massive changes from time to time. While every move or trend in the banking industry was aimed at creating more ease for people, especially when it comes to managing personal finances, a bigger role has been played by mobile native disruptors. Over […]

Online education

5 online education actions to take from the coronavirus lockdown

The World Health Organization (WHO) declared the new coronavirus a “pandemic” at a press conference in Geneva on March 11. The virus has so far spread to 127 countries, infecting more than 135,000 people and causing nearly 4,990 deaths worldwide. As the spread continues, governments are quarantining affected areas and closing schools, colleges and businesses. […]