Online banking

Coronavirus Boosts U.S. Online Banking and Payments Usage

A March 2020 JD Power survey found similar results. More than one in three American adults said they would use mobile and online tools more to bank, 23% of respondents plan to deposit checks more often using a mobile phone, 20% visit a bank branch less often and 18% plan to learn more about mobile […]

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Our children are playing online games more than ever. Here’s how you can take a more active role as a parent | Alexander Bacalja

With most Australian students still learning from home, it’s no surprise that online gaming has increased dramatically in recent months. Continued restrictions on community leisure activities coupled with parents juggling to support their children’s transition to online learning with their own work from home means the reins on screen time have been loosened. But should […]

Online education

9 Next Steps to Make Online Education More Attractive – Campus Tech

Online learning 9 next steps to make online education more engaging Video conferencing may have worked as a stopgap measure in the emergency shift to online learning, but it’s just not enough in the long run. Here are nine ways to take distance learning to the next level. By Marian Stoltz-Loike 05/05/20 For […]

Online games

15 best online games – online games to play with friends

Online games have always been a fun way to pass time and connect with friends, but in the midst of the current coronavirus pandemic, these games have also become a lifeline for our loved ones. I mean, what better way to bond with your BFF than by beating them in your favorite game three times […]

Online games

Now IIT Tirupati Online Games to Increase Awareness of Covid-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 pandemic: IIT Tirupati online games to raise social distancing and health awareness New Delhi: COVID-19 has already caused great loss to the human race and despite various public awareness programs about the pandemic, many people are not following health guidelines and precautions issued by WHO and governments. It is here that a team from […]