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3 easy to play online games that let you win real money –

Nowadays, it is possible to start a new source of income without too much work. There are many ways to do this, but playing online games is one of the best ways to earn extra cash.

If you’re an avid gamer, you can create a lucrative side hustle just by playing games using your cell phone, tablet, or desktop computer. Even if you are not a professional gamer, you can earn a decent amount of money by spending just a few minutes on the right games. If you want to get into play-to-earn games, here are some suggestions of the easiest online games to discover by category:

online slot machine

You don’t have to go to Las Vegas to try your luck at slots. There are many online slot games that you can check out, but the most popular of them is Rainbow Riches. Licensed by the British government, the game offers five reels and 20 paylines. Maximum bets are set at £500 with an RTP of 95%.

The jackpot amount is £250,000, but if you’re unlucky, the game has bonus games for you to play that will help you maximize your winnings. It seems simple at first glance, but this online slot machine has more to offer players. The bonus games alone give you the opportunity to multiply your initial bet up to 500 times!

Payouts are also timely and you can play the game on your mobile phone. The best part is that some casino websites offer free spins on your first time. This way you can check if the game suits your risk appetite.

online bingo

If you are familiar with online bingo games, there is one that offers the best returns. Also known as Blackout Blitz at the time, Blackout Bingo is a free platform that allows you to win real money. Developed by Big Run Studios Incorporated, the game is available for Android and Apple users. Like most apps, players can start out slow playing for a few bucks. Over time, it is possible to earn hundreds of dollars in a single session. You just need to gain experience and improve your skills as you go.

Each game session lasts about two minutes. You will need to get as many bingo games as possible before the time runs out. If you successfully complete three Bingo matches, you get a Daub which increases your chances of getting more Bingo matches. At the end of each game, you win z-tokens or Ticket based on how many daubs and bingo matches you get. Use these Ticketz to redeem bonus cash prizes.

You’ll need over a million Ticketz to win just one hundred dollars, so if you really want to multiply your winnings, consider entering cash competitions. All you have to do is cash in a certain number of Ticketz to join one. Earning more money takes time, but the game can be so fun that you’ll forget you’re playing for money.

Online pool game

If you consider yourself a pool expert, you might want to test your skills using a digital version of this classic pub game. It also happens to be a popular online gambling game in India.

In 8 Ball Pool, you can challenge friends or strangers to an online pool game where you can win a decent amount of money. As in real pool, you and another player take turns pocketing their designated pool balls. Whether you chose stripes or solids, you will need to pocket those balls before pocketing the black eight ball.

The game is available for iOS and Android users. You play by sliding the pool cue down with your finger and releasing it to push the cue ball. To aim, simply rotate the pool cue in a circular motion until it faces your target. There’s not much else to master except how you handle the cue stick and figure out the right amount of force you need to get the cue ball to the designated spot.

8 Ball Pool is a free game, but you have the possibility to participate in tournaments where you can win real money. Just be sure to hone your skills before entering.

If you’re looking to earn some cash on the side while playing boredom, consider these types of games that will kill your idle time and boost your income.

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