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BAVEL, an option for those who prefer online education – Reuters

GLASGOW Ky.-As schools prepare to have students return to classrooms this fall, a local school district wants to emphasize a virtual option for those who prefer it.

The Barren Academy of Virtual and Expanded Learning, also known as BAVEL, is a fully accredited online educational experience for all grade levels. BAVEL was introduced in 2004, with an expansion to all grade levels announced in 2021. It is designed to be unique from the NTI used previously.

Even as education moves away from the pandemic, BAVEL representatives wish to remind incoming students that BAVEL is an option for students in a variety of scenarios. For example, if the student has a part-time job while studying.

Representatives say BAVEL State’s ratings are consistently at or above state averages, and they’ve seen students thrive through the program.

“I saw such an impact that BAVEL was able to have in people’s lives. I have seen students who have grown tremendously in their independence and motivation for school,” said BAVEL guidance counselor Pam Carter.

In addition to Barren County students, BAVEL also serves students from schools throughout Kentucky.

For more information, or to subscribe to BAVEL, follow this link.

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