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From online education to college readiness, Forbes 30-under-30s innovate during pandemic

“We are building the Netflix of secondary education ”, says Felix Ruano, 26, the star winner of the Forbes 2022 30 Under 30 in Education list. “A student anywhere in the world should be able to access any course imaginable, anytime, anywhere. ”

Ruano’s startup, Emile Learning, is partnering with high schools with sparse PA offerings and offering individual memberships for $ 10 per month. Emile divides the lessons into unmanageable segments that last less than 10 minutes, suited to the attention span of modern children.

The son of Mexican immigrants, he grew up in Los Angeles where he attended public schools. He graduated from Harvard and worked at McKinsey before the pandemic hit. With millions of students stuck at home, he saw an opportunity to build a streaming service with high quality on-demand education and co-founded Emile with COO Michael Vilardo, who joins him as as the Under-30 winner, and former CTO Jon Quiros.

In the summer of 2021, he sent instructors to Los Angeles to film 20 accredited high school classes, including 10 AP classes.

Ruano joins 29 other up-and-coming superstars on the Education 2022 roster.

Other featured actor: Tán Ho, 29, co-founder of Milwaukee-based Fiveable. Together with CEO Amanda DoAmaral, in 2018 he launched an online platform where students can share study guides for high school classes, conduct virtual study sessions, and ask and answer questions. Over 8 million students have used the site’s content or participated in its live broadcasts.

Our third call 2022: Jimmy McDermott, 22, co-founder of Transeo. After graduating from high school in Hinsdale, Ill., He teamed up with his school principal to pitch a challenger to college planning giant Naviance. Transeo tracks community service, job and internship opportunities, and university preparation, with the aim of putting students in touch with pathways that match their interests.

Another promising startup founded by our choices: Curious Cardinals, started by Audrey Wisch, 20, and Alec Katz, 21. secondary school textbooks. In the summer of 2020, they decided to take a leave of absence to develop their tutoring activity. By reaching out to student leaders from other colleges, they created a network of over 200 tutors who they pay $ 40 to $ 60 an hour to teach high school students on topics like cryptocurrency and the future of aviation.

Yet another innovative company founded by an education under 30: BoldVoice, based in New York. Co-founder Anada Lakra, 29, is an Albanian immigrant who attended Yale College and Harvard Business School. Considering studies showing that a foreign accent can reduce the chances of being hired or promoted, she teamed up with Ilya Usorov, the son of Russian parents. BoldVoice helps non-native English speakers lose their accent using an app, priced at $ 15 per month.

To put together this year’s Education list, I worked with colleagues Hank Tucker and Katherine Love. We have benefited immensely from the expertise of our three judges: President of Purdue University and former Governor of Indiana Mitch Daniels, venture capital firm Deborah Quazzo, and alumnus of the class of 2021 and founder of ‘AllHere Education Joanna Smith.

For the full Forbes 30 Under 30 2022 list, click here. For the Education list, click here.


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