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Impact of Covid-19: Here’s why online education is the new way to learn

A teacher reads lessons aloud in a classroom while rows of desks filled with students listen intently in the early morning. This is what a person would imagine when the subject of school or education was brought up in a conversation, at least until a few years ago. However, with the pandemic engulfing the world at large in early 2020, that normal has long shifted.

The new standard involves the teacher giving the same lecture to the same students, a few miles from each other, with only a thin string of internet, allowing them to be connected so intimately, even from afar.

Covid-19 and its impact on the education sector

When the pandemic first erupted, no one expected it to become so widespread and enduring, which is why online teaching methods were not immediately sought after.

Physical classes were simply put on hold until further notice as people expected it to be only a month or two late at best. However, as, over time, the masses realized that the Covid-19 pandemic was not going to go away anytime soon, and that a prolonged delay in learning was affecting children’s futures, education supports online have been desperately adopted.

This massive shift in learning media has enabled the growth of the online education sector and Edtech companies in India, which were already on a high growth trajectory even before the pandemic, with Google and KPMG predicting that the industry would represent around $ 1.96 billion by 2021, in 2017. According to a NASSCOM report, Indian Edtech companies had already recorded a 50% growth in their audience by October 2020.

The industry also attracted $ 1 billion in investment between March and September 2020. These sharp increases in the charts show how far the sector has grown in the wake of restrictions caused by the pandemic.

Relevance of online education academies today

In the early stages of the pandemic, most people lacked the knowledge to go digital in education. As educational institutions and government deliberated on how to proceed in the context, students had no choice but to wait for a concrete response.

At that time, students relied heavily on online education materials to keep pace with their program. The academies and online courses were very useful for the students during this time who could continue to learn without interruption using these online platforms.

It is wonderful to see how easy and feasible technology has made online education in this time of need and how quickly it has evolved in the field of education to make online education the norm. Now, almost two years after the pandemic, the situation has improved a lot and more comprehensive courses and in-depth lessons are offered online. This allowed students to receive additional help from online academies in case they missed a class in school or college or needed more help understanding. The extra help reinforces the students’ learning and knowledge.

Online education allows a child to study at their own pace and also gives them the ability to customize their curriculum, which is not possible in a typical offline learning system.

In addition, it makes it easy for a child to learn from home and makes education accessible even to those who cannot afford the comparatively expensive option of physical learning. Another added benefit of online learning is that students can track their performance meticulously using automated online recordings.

It also allows children to rehearse lectures and save them time taking notes and the like by providing options for recording on lectures. Finally, the way that online education extends beyond geographic boundaries allows students to acquire knowledge from all parts of the world, which is not generally possible for many children in physical environments. .

Online academies and their role in the online learning process

When this e-learning with its multiple benefits comes from an established academy, the list of benefits grows even longer. With a reputable name associated with the courses and certificates, students have an added incentive to earn them as education from renowned academies will help them in the future.

Additionally, academies usually teach through a defined and organized curriculum and have experienced mentors to teach the course, making learning many times easier and fun for students in an online situation. It’s no secret that there are some downsides to an online learning system in terms of lack of interpersonal connection.

However, the right teacher can help overcome these obstacles easily.

Thus, the presence of online academies and their services has been essential in sustaining education in the present scenario.

In summary

The Covid-19 pandemic and the resulting blockages and restrictions on movement have served as an inflection point in education across the world. With the uncertainty of getting things back to normal, the online education sector and its development is the best bet for young people to receive an education. However, the lively and capable growth and development that the sector has shown in these difficult times gives hope.

Written by ICRI Online Learning, Founder, Sukriti Dugal

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