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Online education platform ‘Mouchak’ begins its journey

Representatives of online education platform “Mouchak” attend a launch event at Mouchak’s Banglamotor office at Planners Tower in Dhaka on Tuesday. – Press release

The online education platform “Mouchak” has started its journey with the aim of ensuring optimal benefits in the education system through the use of a digital-based education platform, says a Press release.

The official launch of ‘Mouchak’ begins on Tuesday with the slogan ‘We Empower You, You Empower Thousand Others’ during the opening ceremony held at Mouchak’s Banglamotor office in Planners Tower.

“Mouchak” is one of the most useful platforms for connecting teachers and students across the country. With the help of this platform, teachers can complete online lessons for students across the country in just two minutes.

‘Mouchak’ offers unlimited live lessons and exams, recording lessons, more than 30,000 question banks, a modern exam system and a notice board. Teachers will be able to download exam answer sheets in PDF format, access exam papers as well as their crucial opinions.

‘Mouchak’ has the ability to organize the course according to the tastes and requirements of the teachers. In ‘Mouchak’ you can create a number of exams, quizzes, short or broad questions. Emails and SMS are used to stay in regular contact with parents.

Mouchak’s Managing Director, Awlad Hossain, said the company’s journey started with the goal of providing a one-stop solution to all teachers and students without restriction. Due to budget constraints, many children cannot join the school or training program of their choice. ‘Mouchak’ is working on a solution to this problem.

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