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People’s Choice Credit Union customers irritated by crashes and slowness of online banking

A system upgrade is accused of leaving tens of thousands of Australians without access to their online bank accounts.

People’s Choice Credit Union customers said the outage started on Sunday and they had not been able to log into their account since then.

Others said they were able to log in after waiting several minutes, although they could not see their transaction history.

In an email sent last night, People’s Choice CEO Steve Laidlaw assured clients their funds were safe.

“It is unacceptable that you have not been able to access your funds for such a long time. You expect total reliability from our systems, as do I,” wrote Mr. Laidlaw.

Customers say they have trouble using the credit union’s app.(ABC News: Emma Wynne)

People’s Choice, based in Adelaide, claims on its website that they have 375,000 customers across Australia, with 27 branches in South Australia and nine interstate.

The company also used social media to let customers know about the issue.

This morning he posted on Twitter: “We understand that the problem that many of you have encountered is related to an upgrade to our computer system. While there are still delays, there is an improvement. performance of Internet banking applications and services. “

Customers always have problems

The majority of customer responses have been less than indulgent.

As of Wednesday afternoon, many still reported that they could not log into the mobile banking app, while others said they were able to log into online banking, but after a long delay.

“I was only able to access my quick balance until 2:30 am !!!!! I still CANNOT access my accounts and I cannot afford to wait to reach the call center”, wrote a client.


Others threatened to change financial institutions following the debacle.

One user wrote: “You’re going in the right direction if you expect customers to find another more reliable banking experience!” “

Yet another customer requested that staff be laid off during the three-day hiatus.

“Hello. I think as a voting member of People’s Choice, I want to start a petition to have the IT team fired,” the person wrote.

“In a big business like this, why don’t you do some upgrade testing on another dummy server to make sure there aren’t any issues before you deploy it to the primary server?

A member, Cassandra McRae, was even contacted by the credit union after failing to pay off a home loan due to the issue.

She tried to go to a branch, but was told that her payment could not be processed there either.


She said the lack of communication from the credit union had been a serious problem.

“I think their PR could have handled this in a way that would at least let us know that they know they are working on it – yes, okay, it might be out of their control, but they are doing something about it, ”she said.

“But to have an arrogant attitude because their systems don’t work, what am I supposed to do with that?” “

In a statement, People’s Choice acknowledged that customers “were seeing slower than normal connection speeds for their online banking and mobile banking application,” which led many to abandon their connection attempts. .

He said there were no issues with phone banking, branches or people using cards.

“We understand that this is not acceptable and we will work with members negatively affected by this issue.

“Solving this problem is our top priority.”

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