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This app used for several online banking scams in India becomes “safer”

Remote desktop application TeamViewer added face and fingerprint lock for smartphones to prevent unauthorized access. Although TeamViewer is a well-known platform among IT professionals, it is considered to be one of the most dangerous applications in India. The app has become a concern for smartphone users in India as it is used by crooks, posing as customer service managers, to read passwords for online banking and UPI apps by forcing victims to download it as part of providing customer support. The new update should make it difficult for crooks to look inside your phone.
The TeamViewer remote control The app can now be locked behind biometric authentication, preventing unauthorized access even if the mobile device is left unlocked. Unauthorized access can be blocked at account level in TeamViewer with two-factor authentication (TFA) and incoming connections can also be verified via TFA push notifications.
For those who don’t know, with the help of remote desktop apps like TeamViewer or AnyDesk, another person can access whatever you see on your mobile screen. While remote desktop apps are useful for IT pros, smartphone users nationwide have very little awareness of how these apps actually work.
With the new update, after registering one or more mobile devices, users will be prompted to allow or deny each connection through the registered devices.
Other built-in security features include a “black screen” for connections from mobile devices, which helps keep information accessible on the remote device private. “All connections are protected with end-to-end 256-bit AES encryption and other industry-grade security features,” TeamViewer said in a media statement.
The new update includes biometric protection with iOS FaceID / TouchID and Android Face / Fingerprint Recognition and improved in-session interactions such as remote restart and more intuitive use of the black screen.
For IT pros using the app, there is a redesigned user interface to make it easier to fill in text fields and use keyboard shortcuts like F5 and Ctrl + Alt as well as full mouse support. for iPad improves productivity on tablets.

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